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WESPA Youth Cup Qualifiers 2017

6th Karachi Club Scrabble Tournament

29th Pakistan Scrabble Championship

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JWSC 2017 Qualifiers

18th Interschool Scrabble Championship

1st Lahore DHA CLUB Scrabble Championship

3rd Lahore Interschool Championship

DHA Interschool Tournament 2016

5th Karachi Club Scrabble Tournament

BVS Ranking Tournament

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Signature Pens 28th Pakistan Scrabble Championship (MASTERS)

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WYSC Qualifiers 2016 Final Leg

WYSC Qualifiers 2016 First Leg

4th Karachi Club Scrabble Tournament

17th Interschool Scrabble Championship

Telsarta Scrabble Grapple 2016

27th Pakistan Scrabble Championship

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Category C  Category D
Category E  Category F

3rd Karachi Club Scrabble Tournament

WYSC Qualifying Rounds 2015

27th Pakistan Scrabble Championship (MASTERS)

1st Hyderabad Champions Tournament

2nd Lahore Interschool Scrabble Championship

2nd Karachi Club Scrabble Tourament

HORLICKS 16th Interschool Scrabble Championship

Category A-B Category C-D Category E-F

1st PACC Interschool Scrabble Tournament

DHA Interschool Scrabble Tournament 2014

26th Pakistan Scrabble Championship

International Masters          Category A-B

Category C-D                     Category E-F

Karachi Club Scrabble Tournament

WYSC Qualifying Rounds (FINAL LEG)

WYSC Qualifying Rounds (FIRST LEG)

26th National Scrabble Championship (Masters)

15th Interschool Scrabble Championship

Category A          Category B-C

Category D-E      Category F

Enigma 3 WordsworthMind Boggle Scrabble Tournament

DHA Interschool Tournament

WYSC Qualfiers 2013

Final Leg
First Leg

SCT Qualifying Round 2013

14th Interschool Scrabble Championship

Category A and B

Category C and D

St. Pats Interschool Tournament

DA Interschool Tournament 2012

Koala Scrabble Challenge


PSO 13th Interschool Scrabble Championship

International Masters


Juniors & Novice