Goshpi B. Avari

She is the one who is keeping this noble game alive and kicking in Pakistan. Her services to the game of Scrabble cannot be over emphasized. Underrated by herself as a player but people who play against her soon realize that her command over the English language is impeccable. It is only those strange foreign words which occasionally give her trouble. On her day she can and does beat the top ranked players with ease. Her occasional appearance on our weekly games brightens up the spirit of the players. We all wish that we had the fortune of playing with her more often.


Speaking to her Goshpi comes across as a genuinely likeable person with a total absence of airs. The modesty is authentic and unless you know her you’d never guess that she belongs to one of the most influential families in Pakistan.

She has been to almost every corner of the world, often with her husband Mr. Byram D. Avari a former member of parliament and a well known Pakistani businessman. She also accompanies him into the high seas, as they are both yachting fanatics. Their enthusiasm and skills won them a Yachting Gold Medal at the Asian Games against heavy odds. In-fact she is the first female from Pakistan to have won a Gold Medal at any international sporting event. Pakistan Government issued a Commemorative Stamp to celebrate this victory.


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