As President of Pakistan Scrabble Association (PSA), I wish to thank the many people who have supported PSA for more than the past 2 decades. A special and sincere “Thank You” to the many benefactors, contributors, sponsors and others who have given their support to promote scrabble in Pakistan from time to time.

A heartfelt thank you goes to the Executive Committee and fellow PSA members for the work they have done throughout the years to keep the organization going.  PSA is one of very few sports organizations that function with clear goals in mind and have integrity in all they do. This has been our vision and determination.

The past few years have been outstanding due to the media hype and hope this will guide us to even greater success.

The response we are getting from the youth lately has been especially encouraging. Nothing gives us more pleasure than to see youngsters playing with a competitive spirit and enthusiasm.

Lastly, it would be a remiss of me not to thank Khalid Mirza , PSA’s computer wizard who has selflessly helped with the updation of this website. The amount of time given and his efforts cannot be measured. Khalid’s dedication is a marvelous testimony to the loyal support Pakistan Scrabble Association has.

Please do make it a point to make use of this website and do leave your comments on our Guest Book.

With best wishes,